Agile Management Capabilities

Today’s business world is dynamic: volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex. Unexpected events disrupt what we do, and we all struggle with our part to create a better world. Good decision making is essential!

We understand management as an organizational capability - simply, the art, science and craft to get work done. And, as Peter Drucker postulated, in a world where knowledge dominates, most employees are executives - they make decisions!

Agile management relies on an operating system with a design for people: With capabilities to unlock the talent, to enable a high ability to act, and to support people getting work done.

Management in Need of New Capabilities

Unlike in the dynamic context we operate in, management, invented in the early 20th century for a comparably stable context, has little changed since.

We believe that it is time to take note and transform management to be the ultimate social technology to get work done in a dynamic era. Social implies interactive and collective action. Technology combines capabilities such as techniques, skills, models, methods and processes.

Agile Capabilities

To create a better world, we need better management: decision making with agile capabilities that are firm-specific and non-tradeable to qualify as a competitive advantage.

Agile is a sustainable trend and as such, it adds dynamic capabilities to management. Science and practice are clear: Good management makes a difference. Agile transforms management into a capability that performs regardless of context.

Is Management your Competitive Advantage?

Agile management is a true competitive advantage -despite digital disruption and the speed of change that erode traditional competitive advantages. May be, it is the only one left that is non-transient and sustainable in a dynamic environment.

Five questions and a next step:

  • Does your management support people to get work done and create value?
  • Is management organization and context-specific?
  • Is management hard to copy?
  • Is there no alternative to management?
  • Is management deeply embedded in your organization’s policies and procedures?

If your answers are yes, then your current management is likely competitive. Possibly agile? We can test the latter!

If your answers are no, then your management needs the right design – a design with agile capabilities.

Agile management enables people to get work done –better than their competition in every context.

AGILITYINSIGHTS helps leaders decode, design and develop operating systems at cross-roads as a competitive advantage!

Management at Critical Inflection Points


Most leaders experience their organizations at critical inflection points, be it to survive in hyper-competition, enter a new market, fight new entrants, a new strategy, a reorganization or a major transformation.

Higher challenges at cross-roads require agile management.

In situations and in the context when:

  • traditional data and facts don’t help
  • new things emerge
  • investments and risks are high
  • it touches large parts of the firm
  • there is little time to decide
  • pressures require powerful resolve
  • normal is not good enough


Often, there is only one chance to get it right. With the right operating system, leaders enhance their chances of success.

Innovations for the Operating System


The new context poses disruption and higher challenges - different for every organization:

  • Digital?
  • Complex?
  • Dynamic?
  • Uncertain?
  • Ambiguous?

The purpose of the operating system is to enable managers to capture the potential throughout the organization despite interference.

This enables responses as a choice between controlling and enabling to include:

  • High effectiveness
  • Dynamic capabilities
  • Better navigation
  • Peak performance
  • Self-organized work
  • Shared mind-set
  • Innovation / growth
  • New strategy
  • Integration
  • Inspired talent
  • Effective resource utilization

«To unleash this potential, managers must overcome organizational blocks. Management control systems play an in important role in this process.» -Lukas Michel

THE PERFORMANCE TRIANGLE includes the key elements of an organization's operating system. It enables agile management for decisions to capture opportunities with adequate risks at cross-roads regardless of context and situation.

The operating system establishes routines, tools and policies - just about everything an organization needs to function for the following:

  • Renew strategy for growth
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Attract best talent
  • Become digital and agile
  • Mobilize resources for productivity
  • Focus, used time, balanced energy
  • Effectively deal with the board
  • Implement strategy fast
  • Restructure without losing talent
  • Deal with disruption & change
  • Reduce risks of operations
  • Build new capabilities
  • Create insanely great products
  • Derive value from acquisitions

In a dynamic context, pre-formatted tips, tricks, ‘best practice’ clichés and general recommendations will never work.

Like in humans, within organizations, invisible viruses spread sporadically and uncontrollably, leading to endemic chaos -limiting performance and the ability to change. This is why interventions to address these interference require altering behaviors and patterns.

Effective solutions for such interventions demand the re-invention of management and the re-design of an organization's operating systems.

Agile management relies on an operating system with a design for people: With capabilities to unlock the talent, to enable a high ability to act, and to support people getting work done.

This is what we do - our passion and our business!




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