You are a leader, CEO, executive member, or member of the board with demanding challenges from a dynamic environment and new goals for your organization in mind?

And, you are on the search for new recipes for innovation, leadership, digital models, work, engagement, collaboration, change and complexity? For this, you strive to develop a significant competitive advantage?

Then, take 15 minutes of your time until 30. November 2017 to participate in our survey:


The purpose of this study is to gain current global insights on how leaders prepare their companies to cope with their future agenda. Simultaneously, it helps participants to validate their position with valuable insights for their specific situation.

As a participant, you benefit from the insights of our comprehensive report as published in January 2017 on our Agility Insights website and get a free publication on Dynamic Capabilities for a first glance on how we publish the results.

One of the key benefit for those that leave their name and contact information at the end of the survey is to get an individual results report. On top of the insight from the comprehensive summary report, you will be able to compare your organization with others and get helpful hints on what and where to improve.

We will publish initial, consolidated results in the middle of November for the Global Drucker Forum in Vienna on our website. The final full report will be available at the end of January.

For the survey, Agility Insights uses its exclusive and proven question suite based on MANAGEMENT DESIGN on leadership, culture, systems, work, and collaboration in relation to the nature of the organization, their size, structure, leadership models and purpose. For the study, we combine this information with data on the nature of the organization, its size, structure, management model and purpose.

Zug, September 2017

Lukas Michel

CEO Agility Insights AG &

Guido Bosbach

and CEO ZUKUNFTheute | einfach.besser.zusammen.wirken

The questions for our recurring surveys have been developed over the past 15 years. They is founded in solid research and are scientifically tested.

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