Agility Insights: Diagnostic management mentoring

The management operating system

Effective management relies on an operating systems with a design for people: Capabilities to unlock the talent, to enable a high ability to act, and to support people getting work done.

It establish routines, tools and policies - just about everything an organization needs to function.


Design inspired by people

Our partners ask questions, offer choices, and guide the transition from old to new:

  • PEOPLE: How do we lead people?
  • ORGANIZATION: How do we coordinate work?
  • STAKEHOLDERS: How do we set goals?
  • ENVIRONMENT: How do we develop?
  • MANAGEMENT: How do we make decisions?
Agility Insights - Business Mentoring

Mentoring: our design technique

Mentoring is different from traditional consulting because it is about the transfer of knowledge and leadership skills, empowering the talent to lead on their own. For this, our partners facilitate your learning. As a client:

  • Solutions come from within your own team - not an outsider who will leave.
  • A high level of buy-in for a higher chance that it will be cemented into culture.
  • The organization can own and retain this knowledge to future proof capabilities.

As such, the design technique will give the organization a capability, engrained in its fabric and evident in its culture that can be repeated to better tackle the next big change or challenge, whenever it may come.

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