The business environment has changed

No business leaders would disagree, that today’s world is dynamic, e.g. volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex. Unexpected events disrupt what we do, and we all struggle with our part to create a better world.

Management in need of new capabilities

Unlike in the dynamic context we operate in, management, invented in the early 20th century for a comparably stable context, has little changed since.

We believe that it is time to take note and transform management to be the ultimate social technology to get work done in a dynamic era.

Social implies interactive and collective action. Technology combines capabilities such as techniques, skills, models, methods and processes.

Agile capabilities

To create a better world, we need better management: Management with agile capabilities that are firm-specific and non-tradeable to qualify as a competitive advantage.

Agile is a sustainable trend and as such, it adds dynamic capabilities to management. Science and practice are clear: Good management makes a difference. Agile transforms management into a capability that performs regardless of context.

Agile Management - a true competitive advantage

Agile management is a true competitive advantage -despite digital disruption and the speed of change that erode traditional competitive advantages. May be, it is the only one left that is non-transient and sustainable in a dynamic environment.

Your turn - is management your competitive advantage?

Five questions and a next step:

  • Does your management support people to get work done and create value?
  • Is management organization and context-specific?
  • Is management hard to copy?
  • Is there no alternative to management?
  • Is management deeply embedded in your organization’s policies and procedures?

If your answers are yes, then your current management is likely competitive. Possibly agile? We can test the latter!

If your answers are no, then your management needs the right design – a design with agile capabilities.

Agile management enables people to get work done –better than their competition in every context.

Find out how your management becomes your competitive advantage!