Agility Insights: Master Class through diagnostc mentoring for visual thinking

Community Membership

Our members share one ambition: to perfect the art of management.

Our Management Experts are accredited to support their clients with Management Design services.

Business Partners represent our community as distribution partners and promote our services.
We actively engage in public conversations on how management contributes to a better world.

Accreditation for Management Design

The Master Class certifies qualified candidates for Management Design services.

Consider the following three questions for your application:

1. Is it your ambition to support your clients in their critical phases of business transformations?

2. Are your clients challenged by a dynamic environment and changes at the work place?

3. Do you sense that proven management recipes and consulting practices lose their impact?

If your answers are yes, then we should talk.

Join us as a Business Partner

Business Partners benefit from their membership by offering exclusive management services to their clients anywhere in the world.

To become a Business Partner and represent our services to clients, candidates must apply for community membership.


Membership in our community has a variety of exclusive benefits

  • Attract new clients with an unparalleled advisory approach for high impact results.
  • Apply new insights and powerful management solutions for sustainable development.
  • Exclusive use of the Agility Insights Diagnostic for highly targeted interventions.
  • Insights into latest research and client practice for expanded client offerings.
  • Access to community resources and exchange platform for high value added client work.

Contact us for a conversation about your membership