Online Assessment Tools for Decision Makers

Our powerful online reflection tool helps you reveal the crucial key pain points and the potential in your specific situation. The AGILITYINSIGHTS Diagnostics reveal all crucial managerial aspects!



Decode Management

  • Identifies hidden competitive advantage
  • Reviews elements of the operating system
  • Offers data and facts for decisions
  • Isolates symptoms from causes
  • Decodes potential and interferences
  • Relates systemic drivers to outcomes
  • Delivers actionable insights

An Online Self-Assessment Tool

  • Is for non-routine capability monitoring
  • Offers a multi-perspective review
  • Is independently tested and proven
  • Delivers Swiss precision feedback
  • Creates a shared mindset

The assessments identify the hidden potential in organizations and detect performance limiting viral interference. They offer utmost clarity on root causes and certainty on critical decision points that need your attention.

Customized Management Design Packages

The AGILITYINSIGHTS Diagnostic is a flexible tool grounded in solid research and many years of practical application.

We combine different number of factors, participants, clustering options, and reports into seven design packages.

Ability to Act: Design for Superior Leadership


For Leaders

  • 10 Minutes/Participant
  • Web Executive Briefing
  • Reports: Agile Management Score
  • Assessment: EN, DE

Digital, Agile, Remote: Design for Self-organization


For Work Teams

  • 15 Minutes/Participant
  • Executive Briefing
  • Reports: Triangle
  • Assessment: EN, DE

Future Agenda: Design for New Challenges


For Leadership Teams: SME & Large Corporations

  • 20 Minutes/Participant
  • Executive Briefing / Team Workshop
  • Report: Company of the Future
  • Assessment: EN, DE, SP, PT

Creativity and Innovation: Design for Growth


For Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Growth Firms

  • 20 Minutes/Participant
  • Executive Briefing / Team Workshop
  • Reports: Ability to Act, Scorecard
  • Assessment: EN, DE, SP, PT

Agile Capabilities: Design for Higher Challenges


For Business Units, Organizational Units

  • 20 Minutes/Participant
  • Executive Briefing / Team Workshops / Expert Briefings
  • Reports: Ability to Act, Triangle, Scorecard
  • Assessment: EN, DE, SP, PT

Navigation: Design for a Dynamic Era

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Transformation Insights

For Leaders, Supervisors and Employees in Large Organizations

  • 20 Minutes/Participant
  • Executive Briefing / Team Workshops / Expert Briefings
  • Reports: Ability to Act, Scorecard, Toolbox
  • Assessment: EN, DE, SP, PT

Competitive Advantage: Design for People

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Organization Insights

For Corporate Development

  • 30 Minutes/Participant
  • Executive Briefing / Team Workshops / Expert Briefings
  • Reports: Triangle, Scorecard, Toolbox, Work in the System
  • Assessment: EN, DE

AGILITYINSIGHTS' assessments deliver facts rather than unfiltered anecdotes or weak signals for institutions of all kinds, any development initiative and every change project based on insights and systemic relationships.

30 Visual Thinking Aids

30 infographics structure and present the results of the AGILITYINSIGHTS Diagnostics for visual thinking.

Future Model: A Summary

102 capabilities in review

The AGILITYINSIGHTS Diagnostic reviews up to 102 capabilities displayed as a capability model with scores, attributes and statistical information.

For your interpretation of Ability to Act  consult THE PERFORMANCE TRIANGLE p. 41 or MANAGEMENT DESIGN p. 141.

The Performance Triangle: Elements of Agility

Self-assessment with scores and a handicap

Every capability, for example Success, is reviewed with a Score representing the self-assessed quality or performance of the capability.

The color codes indicate the Handicap as a comparison with similar organizations.

For your interpretation of agility, consult THE PERFORMANCE TRIANGLE p. 59 or MANAGEMENT DESIGN p. 64.

Leadership Scorecard: Management Summarized

Statistical information and cluster comparisons

Statistical information (the little box on the right upper corner) provides insights into the distribution of the responses.

Often, participants are grouped into clusters. The round dots indicates the differences among these clusters.

For your interpretation of the Leadership Scorecard, consult THE PERFORMANCE TRIANGLE p. 210 or MANAGEMENT DESIGN p. 51.

Management Model: Different Approaches to Management

Observation points for fast learning

Visual thinking is about focusing the attention on those things that matter most to leaders in organizations: how they manage people and organization. Paying attention means immediate and fast learning.

For your interpretation of the Management Model, consult MANAGEMENT DESIGN p. 151.

Management Guides

Use our books for the interpretation of the assessment results and to get design ideas:

THE PERFORMANCE TRIANGLE book guides the interpretation of the infographics and capability development

MANAGEMENT DESIGN serves as the work book to translate insights into design, action and results

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