In your specific situation, we help you decode the systemic causes of performance limiting organizational interference, design capabilities to unlock the performance potential and develop the ability to act for fast, flexible and robust responses to complex business challenges. This is how it works:

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‘Quick fixes’ such as tweaking skills or copying tools and practices from other businesses does not create competitive advantage. Short-cuts produce mediocrity. Every organization is unique. As such, operating systems for the decision-making in organizations must come from context and situation specific design of capabilities.

MANAGEMENT DESIGN for the right operating system!

  • Capability Monitoring: non-routine. 7 options with the AGILITYINSIGHTS Diagnostic
  • Feedback: for self- reflection, multi-voice, multi-perspective
  • Visual Thinking: 30 Infographics for observation and interpretation
  • Facilitation: group moderation, visual facilitation and recording
  • THE PERFORMANCE TRIANGLE: fresh, new capabilities for the new way to operate
  • Inner Game: learning experiences with sports
  • Capability Development: knowledge transfer, enabling to do it yourself
  • Transformation & Change: facts-based, precise interventions

Mentoring: Our Development Technique

Mentoring is different from traditional consulting because it is about the transfer of knowledge and leadership skills, empowering the talent to lead on their own. For this, our partners facilitate your learning. As a client:

  • Solutions come from within your own team - not an outsider who will leave.
  • A high level of buy-in for a higher chance that it will be cemented into culture.
  • The organization can own and retain this knowledge to future proof capabilities.

As such, the design technique will give the organization a capability, engrained in its fabric and evident in its culture that can be repeated to better tackle the next big change or challenge, whenever it may come.

Management Support

Our support is flexible and combines as needed:

  • Coaching: supporting project leaders
  • Training: developing programs
  • Advice: guiding capability development
  • Facilitation: structuring and moderating events
  • Workshops: conducting development opportunities
  • Alignment: integrating and coordinating development actions
  • Transformation: planning and guiding large scale programs
  • Change: guiding leaders, securing progress, mitigating risks

Management Experience

The AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET has the capacity to support challenges of any size and nature, anywhere.

Our partners use our proprietary research, transfer the unique insights gained from the diagnostic information for modeling management as capabilities, and apply distinct development patterns that emerged over the years.

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