For years, business experts and leaders have argued that traditional management requires a fundamental rethink. But leaders continuously fail in their ambition to translate this knowledge into action. The nature of work has transformed in the past 20 years. Knowledge has become the dominant way to work; with technology providing access to information in ways that was unthinkable years ago.

By combining speed, agility, and resilience into the Ability to Act; organizations are able to use the knowledge in their network and simultaneously create the required capabilities to cope with the challenges of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

Article for download and our blog on research with practical insights on dynamic capabilities, agility and a the managerial ability to act in a volatile era from:

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Author: Lukas Michel | Founder & CEO | Agility Insights AG | Switzerland & US

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Published: 17:00:00 11.02.2016 Agility Insights AG, Lukas Michel



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