Agility Insights: Master Class Diagnostic Mentoring

Developing Management as a Capability for Competitive Advantage

Traditional consulting, offering tips, best practices and benchmarks, is in decline. Clients want insights, learning experiences and senior expertise on how to develop management as a competitive advantage. Diagnostic Mentoring is here to make a difference!

The Master Class offers senior coaches, advisors, executives and management educators the accreditation for MANAGEMENT DESIGN.


On a PC/Tablet and on site workshop as per agreement among participants. In English language!


Participants recieve their individual program. We know that it takes about 3 months and requires 3-4 days of study work.


MANAGEMENT DESIGN and THE PERFORMANCE TRIANGLE, articles, case studies, exercises.


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Date 29.05.2017 - 08.09.2017
Category Master Class 
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PC / Tablet & Workshop


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