Management Lab

In today’s dynamic management context, management is one of the few competitive advantages left. With this lab, executive teams decode their organization’s capabilities and apply visual thinking to explore options on how to make a difference through management with a high ability to act.

We offer the one to two-day lab as part of established management programs, on demand for our clients, or as an occasional public offering.


In today’s competitive environment, time, attention and energy are scarce resources. This workshop provides a learning experience for executives that shapes their minds with more momentum, clarity and flow for a higher return on management.

We offer the one to two-day workshop in combination with skiing and golf on demand for our clients and as an option for our Diagnostic Mentoring projects.


For most organizations, the operating context has changed –dynamic, complex, uncertain. This webinar introduces 4 options with insights on how executives develop management capabilities to balance the needs for agility and stability.

We offer this one hour webinar as a frequent public offering or on demand for executive teams that want to explore their options on how to capture higher challenges.

Master Class

Traditional consulting, offering tips, best practices and benchmarks, is in decline. Clients want insights, learning experiences and senior expertise on how to develop management as a competitive advantage. Diagnostic Mentoring is here to make a difference!

The Master Class offers senior coaches, advisors, executives and management educators the accreditation for Diagnostic Mentoring.


There is no doubt that the business context has changed. Linear management approaches lose their effectiveness with many familiar tools becoming obsolete. Our keynotes offer food for thought on how to transform the art of management for people to create a better world.

Lukas Michel, bestselling author and global Diagnostic Mentor: Contact LID Speakers



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