Agility Insights: Agile Management Score

Are you ready for a new way to operate with fresh capabilities to better navigate in this ever-changing environment?

This is how the AGILE MANAGEMENT SCORE self-assessment works:

First, follow the link below to perform the 10-minute diagnostic from your PC or tabet. As soon as we have calculated your score, we will contact you to schedule a brief web-based meeting.

Second, a partner will help you interpret your results based on our deep insights from 15 years of research and the experience with business cases from all around the world.

Third, after that conversation, you will receive your AGILE MANAGEMENT SCORE report with a variety of visual think tools for you to perfect the art of management where you work.

Protection fee for this service: CHF 750.- (+8% Swiss VAT).


 How Agile Is Your Organization? The diagnostic quiz